About Moore Corp.

Power, Control and Valve Solution Specialist

Moorecorp was created with the goal of providing a service spanning consultancy and distribution. We develop integrated solutions for customer specific problems.

Our aim is to provide the best solutions without the drawback of trying to match this to a specific service or product, so the use of a number of sources is essential.


Moorecorp works to understands the technical and market relevance of the clients products. Asking relevant questions we advise the most cost effective solution without unnecessary and usually costly features. We work with the clients to identify any problems and offer effective solutions. 


Offering a range of standard products from reliable and technically advanced suppliers. Many of these relationships were developed as a solution for a client’s problem.

We understand details about alternative products and manufacturers so, on the rare occasion we are unable to offer a solution, Moorecorp will always be able to offer advice.

Moorecorp's team analyses our customers’ needs and provides the products for the solution.

Power Backup and Redundancy

While understanding that failure/downtime is both expensive and damaging we regularly come across systems in critical areas that are not fit for purpose.

Our team offers solutions to match customers real needs with a combination of backup and redundancy solutions which may include DC UPS, AC UPS, renewable energy, batteries, generators, capacitor modules, super-caps and diode modules.

Moorecorp calculates required energy storage and builds the system to meet all the real requirements and questions any wish list as this usually adds significant cost.

Redundancy - many supposed redundant systems have the potential for “Single point Failure”. We offer analysis the full circuit looking for any weaknesses and proposing solutions.

Power & Control Product Range
- AC-DC Power Converters 
- DC-DC Converters
- AC and DC UPS systems 
- Inverters 
- Batteries & Controllers 
- Fusing and protection

EMC Issues

Understanding EMC and how/why it effects different systems is a job for a specialist. This is why Moorecorp works with a number of EMC specialists in the UK for testing and analysis. 

Working with design engineers from the relevant manufacturer, we provide feedback as to causes, effects and solutions to the many EMC issues we have come across. Over time we have built an information base of likely quick fix solutions which offer the possibility of easy resolutions to seemingly difficult problems.

Off the Shelf / Bespoke

Our understanding of power systems, and customer requirements usually enables Moorecorp to offer off the shelf components to achieve customer specific power solution. 

If a special product is required we have the required knowledge and skills to design, test and manufacture.

Valve Technology and Bespoke Integration


We are distinguishing ourselves from competitors again by understanding the customer requirements and offering a solution rather than just selling product. We utilise our engineering groups unique ability to adapt products to customer-specific needs through joint development projects and strategic design partnerships. We offer solutions into difficult environments where standard products do not make the grade. We work with our customers to understand their needs.

Moorecorp offers,
- Proportional valves 
- Refrigeration valves
- ATEX & hazardous areas 
- Medical approved 
- Food Industry
- Cooling systems 
- Special designs and full assembly production

Control and Functionality

With constant advancement of micro controllers and semi conductor technology, what once used to take a computer the size of a room can now be done on a chip smaller than a one pence piece. Information is essential with modern technology as it can prevent failure, indicate eligible efficiency advantages, support maintenance scheduling and give an overview of operations. Understanding the use of PLCs, Micro controllers and general semiconductor controls provides Moorecorp with the ability to support customers who require this extra functionality and control.