AC-DC Power Supplies



APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication (optional modification for Military and Rail)

BSNT “Bose” Range

MooreCorp's low to mid power range is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. With just the raw features required for a power converter, our units have an economy price but with top notch quality.

“Satyendra Nath Bose was an Indian mathematician best known for his work with Albert Einstein related to quantum mechanics. In the early 1920's his work on this subject led to the creation of Bose-Einstein statistics and the theory of Bose-Einstein condensate. The latter being a state of matter whereby quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic level. He was also honoured by the Boson, a subatomic particle, being named after him. Interestingly many Nobel prizes have been awarded for work into the Bose-Einstein theories, however Bose himself was never awarded one.”




APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication (optional modification for Military and Rail)

Pioneer Range

MooreCorp's mid to high power units are from Pioneer Magnetics. Pioneer holds many patents on their technology and through them we are able to offer power converters for Industrial, Military and Telecoms. Also with a large array of modification options these units can be adapted to suit almost any application.


APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication (optional modification for Military and Rail)

Pioneer Range

The second selection from the Pioneer range offers programmable features and multiple outputs. These units may be customised to meet our customer needs / requirements.




APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication (optional modification for Military and Rail)

GLNT “Galileo” Range

When creating new technology it isn't always easy to choose a single voltage. This is why MooreCorp is proud of our adjustable multiple output range of power converters. Designed with isolated AC input to multiple DC output modules, almost any combination is possible.

“Galileo Galilei was the oldest of seven children, born in 1564, Pisa, Italy. At the age of 17 he entered the University of Pisa to learn medicine as his father wanted. However Galileo was only interested in Mathematics and was failing almost every other class. At the age of 20 he noticed the lights in the cathedral swinging and experimented to find that, regardless of the starting angle, a pendulum would always swing at the same rate. This discovery led to the invention of the first clocks. In 1606 he heard rumours of a Dutch spyglass invention that allowed objects far away to be seen as if they were close by. Later renamed the telescope, Galileo created his own version and started to observe the solar system, later giving way to modern astronomy and our understanding of the universe.”




APPLICATIONS: Railway, Vehicle, Military, Hazardous Environments

HLNT “Hall” Range

Special designs are required for the railway, military and mining industries, allowing for the many transients and disturbances. This is why MooreCorp offers its Hall (HLNT) range of robust units with specific standard acceptance to all required levels.

“Edwin Hall was born in the United States of America in 1855. Whilst working towards his doctorate at Johns Hopkins university, Hall considered a problem first posed by Maxwell “in the presence of a magnetic field, is the conductor or the current acted upon?” Hall experimented and in 1879 he discovered that there was an electric potential acting perpendicularly to both the current and the magnetic field. This effect later known as the Hall effect is used in many electronic components today.”





MDNT “Mansfield” Range

When a failure could mean the difference between life and death, MooreCorp's Medical range of power supply units. meet all approvals for this market, you can be sure that our heart for your machine will never fail.

“Sir Peter Mansfield is an English physicist whose work on MRI imaging won him the Nobel prize for medicine in 2003, which he shares with Professor Paul Lauterbur. In the early 1970's Sir Peter's work on NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Imaging) gave him the understanding to not only transform this into medical imaging but also the foresight of how this technique could be used for clinical medicine. The MRI scanners that we know today would not be possible without his work.”




APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication

CXNT “Cordex” Range

MooreCorp's engineers have chosen the Cordex rack power system. With great efficiencies, multiple AC inputs, built-in battery and rectifier controls, you need look no further for your rack mounting power requirements. Ideal for telecoms and industrial applications.

Batt - Battery managment included 
Dist - Build in distribution pannel included with breaker and fuse options 
Comm - Intergrated communications and signaling 

Dual - Dual AC input available for greater redundancy


For use with the above sytem solutions