AUTRONIC standard converters, with a maximum power output of 200 Watt, allow you can choose the right solution from our range of over 500 standard products up to 500 Watt.

Whether for pcb or chassis mounting, or 19” euro-rack, the AVP converters can be used without in many of the harshest applications, and you can be sure you will be benefit from the highest degree of quality and reliability.  

Our strengths: Quality and Reliability

ACR45 and ACR150, the most recent addition to the range, are examples of the new aluminum PCB-technology which allows very small dimensions, a high power density and are unique. Choose from a version from 60 to 150 Watt dependent to your requirements. The ACRs provides you with standard features like thermal warning signal, trim-, share-, sense- and sync-function. In short: The ACR is a top-quality product THAT DOES NOT NEED ADDITIONAL EXTERNAL COMPONENTS.   

The new open-frame converters of the HFBC/HEBC series offer an ultra-wide input (14.4 to 154VDC) with an output power of 60 watt. This allows one device for all international on-board power supply voltages of rail vehicles (24V, 36V, 72V and 110V) including the +/- 40% tolerance required according to EN 50155. In addition, a specialist RIA 12 filter is available to comply fully with UK requirements for protection of traction and rolling stock electronic equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems.

AUTRONIC products are suitable for many modes of transport, including, buses, cars, ships and trains. Other areas of implementation are multimedia information and display systems (e.g. for buses and trains); communication, data and measuring technology, medical engineering and machine and robot control.DOWNLOAD SELECTION GUIDE

Rail Specialist Product Overview:

DC-DC Converters

Special Converters

AC-DC Converters

Autronic combine decades of experience with innovative ideas to surpass the customers´wishes.

Quality is what matters most.

AUTRONIC stands for perfection.

Individual consulting and flexibility.

The company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and guarantees the highest standard of reliability and quality by continuously monitoring their processes.


AUTRONIC have been developing and manufacturing DC-DC converters since 1982, and the experience with customer-specific sub-assemblies and devices goes back as far as 1973.


The product range totals over 500 standard products on which customer specific DC-DC and AC-DC solutions are based.

These high standards are the basis of customer satisfaction.

1973           Founded in Ludwigsburg

1982           Development of our own DC-DC converters

1988           Moved to the new plant in Sachsenheim

1993           Certification in accord. with DIN EN ISO 9001

1996           Creation of a second manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic

2002           10 years system contractor of the Deutsche Bahn AG

2003           Certification in accord. with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

2006           Development of a new semi-military converter family

2007           AUTRONIC - part of the FORTEC group

2008           Introduction of the DC-DC converter family ACR45 and HFBC60

2009           Introduction of the DC-DC converter family HFBC30

2010           Introduction of the DC-DC converter family ACR150 and HEBC60

2011           New soldering machine

2012           Introduction of the DC-DC converter family HPBC20 

2013           Release DC-DC converter families ACR150/LEC and ACR350

                   Release new ERP-System

2014           Release HFBC60-W/Ks

                   New SMT-Print-System

                   New OS

2016           New SMD machine

2017           Release HEC120-5W for compactPCI, HFC100-W and RIA12 filter

                   Release AER converter Family

2018           Certification in accord. with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015