What price do you put on the reliability and dependability of your power system? The ability to turn on the lights, start the motor, ensure your backup system works when needed and lasts as long as you require?

We have been specifying systems “Fit for Purpose” for a number of years to many industries, including Oil and Gas, Utilities, Process Control and other secure systems where single point failure or reduced hold-up time could have serious consequences. A major part of this is ensuring the batteries are up to the job.

By offering a wide range of all types of batteries using differing technologies we are able to recommend and supply the specialist batteries needed for a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions including low and high temperature.

We are specialist for high voltage/altitude and most harsh environments.

Technologies include:

  • Sealed lead acid
  • Gel
  • Lithium

For applications including:

  • Marine
  • Solar
  • Vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Specialist

Calculating Battery Size


To calulate the size of battery for your application you need the following information:

  • Choose hold up time required (Th)
  • Choose load power required (WL)
  • Choose Battery voltage (Vb)  
  • Using the graph (below) find the NTB value (y axis)

Then plug it into the following formula to calculate the battery size you need.

( Th x WL ) / ( 60 x NTB x Vb ) = Battery Size (Ahr)

ntb val.jpg