Chassis and Open Frame 10-500 watt

APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Telecommunication


PCB and surface mount 0.25-100 watt

APPLICATIONS: industrial, military, telecoms, petrochemical and mobile technology, Rail.


Ultra wide input range 50-600 watt

APPLICATIONS: Custom housing of a standard converter for industrial, rail, military, petrochemical and other niche markets.


Military Range 100-150 watt

APPLICATIONS: Vehicle, Naval, Aircraft


Harsh Environments 100-2000 watt

APPLICATIONS: Vehicle, Naval, Aircraft, military, medical, mining, petrochemical and industrial


Railway converters

APPLICATIONS: Rolling Stock, Trackside, Vehicle


Dual high DC and AC input power supplies

APPLICATIONS: Railway, Military, Industrial, Mobile, Instrumentation



APPLICATIONS: High Energy Physics, Laboratory, Battery Simulator, Capacitor manufacturing