ATEX Din Rail Power Supplies


APPLICATIONS: Process control and automation, Hazardous environments

PRO H Range


The powerful new line of PRO-H power supplies – with ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals – is designed for use in Ex zones and the high-performance sector. High power reserves, a wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C and high MTBF values (mean time between failures) of up to 1.8 million hours: these features ensure that the power supplies are suitable for all applications that require superior reliability (for example in the processing industry, power engineering, and in demanding machine construction applications). Solutions are available to fit control voltages from 12V/24V to 48V. The product can be wired in parallel in order to increase the power capacity. A two-channel set-up with 100% load sharing can also be implemented with an optional redundancy module. This serves to increase your operational reliability. The Remote On/Off function allow you to switch the device on and off remotely. The output status can be signalled over a voltage-free relay or transistor output. The devices are equipped with pluggable connection terminals which allow them to be easily tested. Product solutions can be custom-fit for use in different types of one-phase, and three-phase systems.

Single Phase: 

12 Volt Output: 

CP T SNT 70W 12V 6A            CP T SNT 140W 12V 12A    

24 Volt Output:

CP T SNT 90W 24V 3,8A       CP T SNT 90W 24V3,8ACL2          CP T SNT 180W 24V 7,5A

 CP T SNT 360W 24V 15A       CP T SNT 600W 24V 25A   

36 Volt Output:

 CP T SNT 600W 36V 16,5A  

48 Volt Output:

CP T SNT 90W 48V 2A           CP T SNT 180W 48V 4A           CP T SNT 360W 48V 7,5A   

CP T SNT 600W 48V 12,5A




APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Automation, Safety, Rail, Petrochemical



The reliability and availability of the DC voltage can be increased by using redundant systems. To achieve redundancy, one extra power supply must be installed in order to supply the required current in case one unit in the system fails. Each individual standard power supply must be isolated from the others with a diode or redundancy module. Redundant power supplies are also available which already have the decoupling diodes included. 
- Protects against system failures 
- Saves money over the life time of a system 
- Reduces call out engineer costs 
- Removes emergency call outs 
- Zero down time 
- Longer life 
- Peace of mind for customers

Diode modules

Diode modules only contain decoupling diodes and are the optimal solution to use in redundant systems, when the power supply itself is already equipped with a DC-OK signal contact.

Redundancy modules

Redundancy modules contain decoupling diodes as well as a monitoring circuit. LEDs and relay contacts signal when the input voltage of the module is not in range due to a power supply failure. This allows remote monitoring.

Parallel use of power supplies

All power supplies, even those which are not specified for parallel use in the DIN Rail product range, can be used to build 1+1-redundancy applications. Please note that this is not valid for N+1 redundancy applications.



APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Automation, Safety, Petrochemical

DC Uninterruptible Power DIN Rail Range

The UPS control unit, together with the associated battery module and the power supply unit, forms a complete DC UPS system. In normal operation, the input voltage from the UPS control unit is connected directly to the load. In the event of a mains failure (drop of the DC input voltage) the system switches instantly to battery operation. Once the mains supply has been restored, the system switches back to normal operation and the battery is fully recharged by the integrated charger. Three relay outputs, as well as three additional active transistor outputs and a control input to lock battery operation, provide full remote control by means of PLC or DCS control. Numerous modes of operation and an easy-to-use status display provide rapid fault diagnosis and optimum customisation to the application.

To specify the battery needed in your application, just look at our battery section, or just give us a call.