Fuses and Relays


Fuses for 24V DC electric circuits

Many applications in systems and controls called for one power unit output to be distributed over several circuits. IEC 60204-1 prescribes protection in the form of fuses. Switched-mode power units have a limited output current dynamic and therefore apart from miniature circuit-breakers, which can be used in certain situations only, electronic fuses are the only alternative. The WAVEGUARD products ensure an optimum solution in terms of the static and dynamic breaking behaviour.


Safety Relays:

The SCS 24 V DC P1 safety relays should be used in areas where a functionally safe switch-off is required. The requirements of EN 61508, SIL 3 can be satisfied with this module.

  • With and without monitoring circuit
  • Wide-range input voltage in the monitoring circuit
  • Externally accessible fuse
  • TÜV certified "Safety Approved"
  • Optionally with G3 painting acc. to EN 60068-2-60




Relay module

Relays are available in different forms – from modular terminal enclosures to plug-in bases for terminal rail mounting. For switching and amplification of digital signals in automation engineering as well as for electrical isolation between control and load circuit.
The input voltages (coil voltage) lie between 5 and 230 V AC/DC depending on type. Different types of contacts such as NOC,
NCC and CO contacts are available at the output  The use of different contact materials enables the switching of power ratings from just a few mW to max. 4 kVA.


TERMSERIES - relay module in 6 mm width

Relay modules are universal isolators in electrical automation. Requirements for them often differ, due to their widespread uses. With the development of our TERMSERIES relay modules and solid state relays, we have taken these practical requirements as our highest benchmark.

Depending on the application, you can choose the product with the fixed-voltage inputs or with the variable-voltage input – which is currently a unique feature in this thin 6 mm terminal block format.
Our practical development reveals a high-quality design that has no sharp edges, a large number of variants with screw and tension-clamp connections, and a clear status display even in difficult viewing conditions.
The outline symmetry of the products allows every possible installation position. Unlimited cross connectivity, even across partitions, assures versatile usage for your application regardless of how unusual your needs are.



The ideal relay version for the separation of input and output signals in industrial automation. High powers can be safely switched with the RIDERSERIES.

Conventional relays and LED indicators are simply plugged in, retaining and disassembly clips provide a secure fixing.


MICROSERIES - relay module in 6 mm width

Relays of the MICROSERIES are used for isolating and coupling digital signals. They are characterised by the following features:

  • modular width 6.1 mm
  • Pluggable relay
  • Pluggable cross-connection for four voltages in input and output circuits,
  • innovative retention and ejection aid,
  • LED operating indicator, reverse polarity protection diode, free-wheeling diode


MCZ SERIES - relay module in 6 mm width

The MCZ R relay couplers, with a width of only 6 mm, are the thinnest in their class. They are distinguished by the following features:

  • Tension clamp connection
  • Integrated cross-connection in input/output.
      Clampable conductor cross-section is 0.5 to 1.5 mm²


PLUGSERIES - industrial relay module

High power/currents can be safely switched with the PLUGSERIES. The modular system enables conventional relays and LED indicators simply to be plugged in. Retaining and disassembly clips provide a secure mount.Pre-assembled relays with 1 or 2 changeover contacts and input voltages from 24V to 230V round of the product range.
Plug-in ZQV 2.5 cross-connectors enable relay multiplexers to be set up quickly thanks to simple side-by-side mounting.



At just 6 mm wide, all components of the DKR minicouplers have an extremely narrow design. Weidmüller also offers 4 and 5 screw-connections, with a rated cross-section of 4 mm².
The mini-coupler is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is used for the coupling of digital sensor/actuator signals with automation devices on the process level.



Timing relay

Timing relays are used in automation engineering in order to compensate for malfunctions caused by high clock rates.

Short pulses are extended and hence are reliably identified by downstream control components.

Various timing functions such as make and break delays, clock generator and star/delta switchover are available to users.



The WAVEBOX enclosure just 22.5 mm wide is ideal for the innovative relays of the WAVESERIES. Plug-in electronics, connections and cross-connections ease installation, setup and servicing on the customer#92s premises.The WAVESERIES relays are available with different input voltages and contact configurations. International approvals permit their use worldwide.



The JPR relays in their IP 68 JACKPAC enclosures are available with and without electrical isolation. The switching amplifier amplifies 24 Vdc switch outputs to max. 2 A. The switching voltage at the output is fed via a T-junction.


General Application Information:

Thermal-Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

Typical Applications
Ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit of equipment in telecommunications, process control and other industrial applications where sophisticated equipment requires a high precision performance.

A latching type bimetal is combined with a magnetic coil to ensure protection and genuine physical contact isolation. This provides the joint benefits of delayed operation for low level overcurrent protection and fast magnetic action of higher value short circuits, disconnecting the faulty circuit within milliseconds.

High Performance Circuit Breakers and Battery Isolation Switches

Typical Applications of High Performance Circuit Breakers and Battery Isolation Switches.

High performance circuit breakers are ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit for use in aircraft and vehicles and other specialised equipment where safety is paramount.  Battery isolation switches are ideally suited for installation in the main battery systems of heavy duty vehicles including tankers, boats, off-road plant and other battery-powered equipment. 


High performance circuit breakers feature thermal or thermal-magnetic trip and an extremely high rupture capacity. Battery isolation switches are also based on a thermal-magnetic trip mechanism. The thermal part of the circuit breaker provides delayed protection in the event of overload, the magnetic part disconnects the faulty circuit in the event of overload or short circuit within milliseconds. All products of this group provide genuine physical contact isolation.

Electronic Overcurrent Protection

Typical Applications 
Ideally suited to protect equipment components in industrial applications and supply lines which are fed by means of a DC24V switch-mode power supply.

Electronic overcurrent protection prevents short-term voltage dips of switch-mode power supplies to values below 18 V both in the event of a short circuit and in the event of overload in the load circuit. At the same time the products provide selective protection or disconnection even at very unfavourable overload conditions. Other features include current-limited switch-on of loads with high input capacities without increasing the current ratings as well as failure signalling.