Type-6500/6600 Large Flow Capacity Volume Booster

The Type-6500 aluminum and Type-660 stainless steel volume boosters are 1:1 signal to
output relays that are utilized in applications that require high flow capacity. Typically they
are used to increase throttling speed of large volume valve actuators. They are suitable for
either diaphragm or piston actuators. A fixed deadband and adjustable bypass valve
combine to allow small incremental downstream adjustment without opening the main
booster valve. The bypass valve is used to adjust dynamic response to provide stable
operation over a wide range of actuator sizes.


  • Aluminum or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Integral adjustable bypass valve - eliminates “hunting”
  • High flow capacity - allows up to 400 scfm (11,320 Nl/min) for rapid actuator
  • stroking.
  • Soft valve seat - provides tight shutoff and eliminates leakage in steady state
  • operation.
  • High temperature - operation up to 2000F (930 C)
  • Tapped high output exhaust port - relieves 100 scfm (2,830 Nl/min) at 5 psig
  • above setpoint.
  • 2 gauge ports – optional output feedback port


Any pneumatic application that requires high flow capacity or remote pressure control.
Typically they are used to increase throttling speed of large volume control valve
actuators. Other OEM applications include printing presses, textile machinery, tire
machinery, paper machinery, paint spray systems, pneumatic pump control, and clutch