Stainless steel pilot operated solenoid valves.

8201K Series

The solenoid valves of the 8201K Series are the ideal solution when the environmental conditions are severe or aggressive fluids are used.
Typically used for the following applications:
• Industry
• Acid/aggressive fluids
• Oenology
• Production of olive oil and drinks
• Equipment for treatment of fluids
• Oxygen (gaskets without grease)
The valve body threaded inlet and outlet are female.
The nominal diameters available are of various sizes.

olab Solenoid valves.jpg

Solenoid Valves

OLAB offers today a wide and diversified range of solenoid valves available in different models and constructions. The direct-action solenoid valves are used for several applications and are available in the 2/2 ways, 3/2 ways versions with elastomeric, PTFE or ruby sealing gaskets. The pilot-operated solenoid valves are servo-controlled valves provided with elastomeric diaphragm and BSPP female inlet and outlet threaded connections. This last series is suitable for the plant sector, varying from water loading for boilers to irrigation systems and every time a high flow rate is required that direct-action solenoid valves can not guarantee. Coils for solenoid valves are manufactured by us in a plant which is among the most modern in the world and unique in Italy. Coils all belong to the H class, are incorporated with virgin thermoplastic materials and submitted to double test for electric insulation: “in-process” after overmoulding of the housing at high temperatures and “post-process” after 24 hours at room temperature.