With it’s experience in the manufacture of solenoid valves and fittings, the R&D department of OLAB has developed an innovative connection system for refrigeration plants. This system, which is low-cost and safe compared to other systems presently on the market, can be applied to all connection points of refrigeration systems.

Designed for installation on refrigeration and air conditioning systems for domestic and industrial use. They can be used with all refrigerants of group II classified as A1 in annex E of EN 378-1:2008 standard.

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Series 36000 OLABLOCK

The new system ensures an easier and safer assembly of refrigeration plant components.
Why should you use OLABLOCK ?
1. Because it’s EASY to use. Components can be easily assembled and disassembled
2. Because it’s SAFE. Welding operations are carried out under safety conditions and NOT directly on the component.
3. Because it’s RELIABLE. The AST patented device of OLABLOCK prevents pressure pipe slipping even with vibrations.
4. Because of its FULL SEALING CAPACITY, which is ensured by a special gasket made of a compound expressly developed for these systems.
5. Because it’s INNOVATIVE. It is the right solution to all problems encountered during welding of traditional components.

37000-CS Series
ball valves OLABLOCK

The bidirectional flow of the refrigerant and the valve sealing are ensured by a double gasket installed on the operating stem and a brass cap with sealing O-ring.

32000-CS Series
Moisture and liquid indicators OLABLOCK

The central test paper of 32000-CS indicators permits a sureand quick control of humidity level and the control of physical state of refrigerant fluid.

33000-CS series
non return valves OLABLOCK

The non-return valves permit to eliminate flow reversals
inside the refrigerant circuit. They are characterized by a low
differential pressure.