Surge and Burst


For Power Systems:

Weidmüller VPU I (Type I), VPU II (Type II) and VPU III (Type III) surge protection products effectively reduce the interference coupling that can occur from transient surge voltages, even significantly below the limits prescribed by insulation co-ordination according to EN 60664-3 / DIN VDE 0110-3. This means that the entire system is exposed to less malfunction.

The co-ordination of the arresters is achieved by technical means. This means that decoupling between types I, II and III is not necessary. The arresters are tested according to product standard IEC 61643-11:2012 / DIN EN 61643-11:2012 and can be installed in systems according to IEC 61643-12 / VDE V0675-6-12 and IEC 62305-4 / VDE 0185-4. This lightning and surge protection device is suited for installation in power supply systems. Weidmüller offers different products for different mains types and voltage levels. Even for photovoltaic applications, there is a special protection according to EN 50539-11/ VDE 0675-39-11: 2010 available.

VPU SERIES Type 1; 230/400 V and 400/690 V

VPU SERIES Type II; 230/400 V; 120/240 V; 400/690 V, 600/1000 V

VPU SERIES Type III; 12 V; 24 V; 48 V; 120 V and 230 V

VPU SERIES Photovoltaics; 600 V; 1000 V; 1200 V and 1500 VDC

 Type II surge protection for the AC side of the power supply as well as the DC side in photovoltaic applications. Especially suitable for use in type 2 applications according to UL 1449 ed. 3 (file E354261).


Lightning Arresters


Type I lightning arrester with sparkover gap, LPL I,II,III,IV

For instrumentation and control (I&C):

Overvoltage coupling along the conductor path may disturb or destroy sensitive signal inputs. It is important to provide protection in the immediate vicinity of I&C devices. Weidmüller's broad product range for the I&C sector offers products in a 2-piece, pluggable design and modular terminals for tension clamp or screw connection. These products are suitable for both binary and analogue signals. Weidmüller also offers other designs with integrated components such as gas discharge tubes or varistors. VARITECTOR stands for flexible and variable surge protection by Weidmüller, tested according to product standard IEC61643-21. The VARITECTOR series can be used in applications according to IEC 61643-22 / VDE 0845-3 for classes C1, C2, C3 and D1. The VARITECTOR SPC, SSC and MCZ OVP product families optimally combine electrical and mechanical properties. Size and easy handling play an important role. This surge protection is suited for confined spaces in industrical and process automation as well as in building automation applications.