Industrial Power Systems


Deploying advanced power electronics technology to offer an output range from 5 to 650kVA (parallel redundancy). In addition to our range of standard UPS systems, we offer ASTRA customized systems (e.g. rectifiers, inverters, UPS’) to meet customer specifications.

Commonly used in power plants, petrochemical plants, gas and oil pipelines, railways, subways, offshore platforms and cruise ships.

Product Highlights

  • Dual microprocessor controlled units
  • Online system double conversion
  • Output isolating transformers
  • Input-output insulation (operating from inverter)
  • Manual bypass
  • Low harmonic distortion reflected to the mains
  • Automatic battery tests every month
  • Power factor corrected rectifier input
  • Temperature compensated rectifier
  • High crest factor
  • Capability of supplying distorted loads, containing output voltage distortion
  • Parallel redundant configuration of up to 6 units
  • RS 232 to RS 485 serial interfaces, SNMP, control software for Windows
  • Instantaneous high overload capability
  • High MTBF (>150.000h) and low MTTR (<0.5h)
  • High efficiency starting at 25% of load
  • Compact and easy installation and maintenance
  • Front accessibility
  • User-friendly diagnostics

Outside Plant Products

  • Critical Facilities Power Products
  • Fiber Power Products
  • Business Services Power Products
  • Cable Broadband Services

Critical Facilities Outdoor UPS Solutions



APPLICATIONS: Computer systems, Servers, Telecoms, Industrial


Modular UPS systems operate according to the online double conversion technology (VFI) supporting the load constantly and uninterruptible with pure sine wave voltage. Through the modular power design with either 3.4 or 5 kVA modules a N+X redundancy can be achieved at any time. The low weight of the power modules with 8kg and the modular battery drawers with 13kg allows an easy and cost efficient installation. Malfunctioning modules can be easily swapped and save money on expensive service actions. Backup times up to one hour with modular batteries are possible. Of course for longer backup times bigger standard battery banks are available.&nbsp;

This modular UPS systems can be used in any critical application in the IT or industrial area and convince with easy handling and operation. Light Weight modules and battery packs means simple and easy maintenance or upgrade 



A UPS system is a life line to systems; if the power fails your application will not. What better way to add to this idea by making the life line even more reliable by integrating redundancy into it.
Adding redundancy into your application could not be easier, by adding a new module our system will provide N+1 redundancy.



Single phase three phase, three phase single phase? No need to worry anymore. With simple connection adjustment and the Golem Modular can operate with all 4 configurations




Our modular UPS has been designed with an amazing 99% efficiency in Eco Mode and 95% On Line operation.



Controlled Ferroresonant - Health Care


- Medical Safety certified uninterruptible power supply for healthcare applications 

- Galvanic isolation for maximum protection of sensitive medical equipment 

- Low leakage current supports patient vicinity equipment 

- Computer-grade sine wave output ensures maximum equipment performance 

- Advanced communications and self-test features simplify monitoring and control 

The MDNT Medical UPS range delivers clean, safe, reliable power to the medical and health care industry. Exceeding safety standards set by UL and CSA, this is an uninterruptible power supply for sophisticated medical equipment such as ultrasound systems, x-ray film processors, laboratory systems, blood analyzers, and other healthcare devices that require unwavering power, quality, and protection with low audible noise levels. It satisfies the most stringent output regulations by providing pure sine wave power within one percent of the nominal voltage requirement under typical loads to critical equipment. External battery packs are available to extend run times beyond the capabilities of the internal batteries.