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Olab Lock System

Factory Overview

Offering a vertical production process, in order to obtain hi-quality products and with different technical characteristics from competitors.

By working closely with customers, constantly exchanging knowledge, designing and producing strategic components, they can offer hi-quality items at a competitive price. All this is possible thanks to the constant new investments in new technologies and to the research of modern solutions which mirror the evolution of the markets.


Activities directed at 'total quality', in addition to close relationships with company suppliers and customers, have made it possible to put special focus on updated standards over the years, and continually adapt company products to these standards. An example of such activity is verifying that the requirements set out by directives 97/23/EEC (PED) and 2002/95/EEC (RoHS) have been satisfied. With regard to the first directive, various products have been endorsed for use on pressure containers under certain demanding operating conditions, whereas the design and production process for these devices is constantly monitored by TÜV SÜD via annual inspections. In particular, combined PED+DVGW certification has been issued for some models of solenoid valves, endorsing their use as category IV safety devices with group 1 hazardous fluids. With regard to the second directive, not only does OLAB monitor its suppliers closely, the company also wanted to go further than directive requirements (i.e. self-certification relating to the compliance of company products with RoHS requirements), and compliance of the three main product families (solenoid valves, safety caps and vibration pumps) with the RoHS directive has been verified by a third accreditation body (the food and packaging materials section at the CSI laboratories in the IMQ Group).

System certifications

ISO 9001:2008 inglese

DWGV Modulo D -DGR-0036-QS-1059-12

VDE n 40027656 - pumps

VDE n 40027656 - solenoid valves

CE declaration type 7000/6 PED

CE dec. type 6000-8520

CE declaration type 6739-7248 PED

CE declaration type 7000 PED

UL valves E222339 -sez1

UL valves E222339 -sez2

UL pumps E348066